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Sinjai Regency’s 460th Anniversary Enliven with Various Colors

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SINJAI – The Sinjai Regency Government on Tuesday (27/2) commemorated the 460th Anniversary of Sinjai at the yard of the Sinjai Regent’s Office House on Jalan Persatuan Raya, North Sinjai District.

The commemoration was attended by hundreds of invited guests, including officials, who were dressed in traditional Bugis attire – colorful jas tutup for male guests and baju bodo for female guests.

In addition to the colorful outfits worn by the invited guests, the event also looked lively with the colorful bouquets of flowers that had arrived at the venue since at least Sunday (25/2).

Outside the venue, the neighborhood was decorated with many decorative flags and banners, the installation of which had been encouraged since the beginning of the month.

The commemoration of the 460th Anniversary of Sinjai Regency was themed “Sinjai Maju, Ehao!”.


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