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52nd Korpri Anniversary, Klungkung ASN Gives Donation to Orphanage

KLUNGKUNG - Indonesian Civil Servants Corps (Korpri) of Klungkung Regency held social service event to celebrate Korpri's 52nd anniversary. The social service event was led...

2,310 Posyandu Throughout Banyuwangi Now Have Health Services For Teenagers

BANYUWANGI – The services of the Integrated Service Post (Posyandu) have been limited to mothers, children, and the elderly. Now, Banyuwangi completes its Posyandu with...

Didik Nini Thowok Is Chosen to Restore The Good Name of Calon Arang

Yogyakarta – As the first cross-gender dancer in Indonesia, Didik Nini Thowok has never stopped working. The MURI-awarded (museum of the world-Indonesia’s records) artist came...

Outgoing Netherlands representative granted honorary Taipei citizenship

TAIPEI - Outgoing Netherlands Office Taipei Rep. Guy Wittich was granted honorary citizenship of the metropolis in recognition of his contributions to strengthening relations...


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