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Sinjai Regency Government Successfully Commemorates the Summit of Sinjai’s 460th Anniversary

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SINJAI – The summit of the commemoration of Sinjai’s 460th Anniversary which was held on Tuesday (27/2) in the courtyard of the Sinjai Regent’s Office took place solemnly.

The event, hosted by MC Kasdiawati, was attended by officials and invited guests wearing Bugis Makassar traditional clothing.

The event began with the welcoming of the South Sulawesi Provincial Government, Assistant II for Economic Development and Welfare, dr. Muhammad Ichsan Mustari.

The Provincial Government entourage was welcomed with padduppa dances and a colossal dance drama performance by the art studio assisted by the Sinjai Tourism and Culture Office which tells the story of the Topekkong Agreement. 

The event continued with the Chairman of the Sinjai Regional House of Representatives, Sabir, reading a brief history of the Sinjai Regency.

Furthermore, the General Chairperson of the Sinjai 460th Anniversary Organising Committee Andi Jefrianto Asapa revealed several activities that have been held by the Sinjai Regency Government in welcoming the important day.

Starting from Traditional Sports Festival activities, gymnastics, a coffee contest entitled “Sinjai Brewing Contest”, Sinjai Fun Run, cheap markets, MSME culinary products, bread making demonstrations, fruit festivals, and several competitions involving the community and students.

Acting Regent of Sinjai T.R. Fahsul Falah in his speech pointed out that the event is an important moment in the history of Sinjai’s journey.

In its 460th year, the Sinjai Regency has gone through several historical phases that have shaped its society with culture and noble values that have been maintained for generations.

“That is why, at this important momentum, when Sinjai people who have emotional and cultural ties to this area, together feel the spirit of Sinjai Anniversary and reignite the spirit of Assijai’na To Sinjaie by contemplating the meaning of the Topekkong Agreement which has always been an invaluable legacy for all of us,” he said.

Therefore, T.R invited all elements of Sinjai society to echo the theme of the 460th Anniversary of Sinjai.

“With the spirit of united Sinjai, let’s build the Sinjai Regency,” he said.

On the same occasion, Assistant II for Economic Development and Welfare of the South Sulawesi Provincial Government, Dr. Muhammad Ichsan Mustari, expressed his gratitude to the ranks of the Sinjai Regency Government.

Including former officials and all stakeholders, he continued, who have contributed to development in the area nicknamed Bumi Panrita Kitta.

“We, the ranks of the South Sulawesi Provincial Government, express our gratitude to all levels of the Sinjai Regency Government and former officials who have made a real contribution to progress in Sinjai, as well as South Sulawesi,” he said. 

This event was also combined with the launching of the Electronic Public Service Mall (PSM) by the Second Assistant for Economic Development and Welfare of the South Sulawesi Provincial Government.


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