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Is It Possible For Maaruf Amin Promoting Peace in Afghanistan

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JAKARTA – Republic of Afghanistan is one of special country for Indonesia. It was said by The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah to Jakarta on his visiting to Jakarta last year.

Foto di tahun 2013 saat Wakil Gubernur DKI Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) menggandeng Gubernur DKI Joko Widodo menuju ruang rapat paripurna DPRD DKI Jakarta The Editor/Elitha Evinora Tarigan)

As well as President Joko Widodo, both leader agree to promote peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Despite recent terror attack, Jokowi took a step In Afghanistan in January 2018.

“This atrocity will not fade away our spirits, but further strengthen our desire to create peace instead,” said Jokowi.

Moreover, on May 11, 2018 Indonesia hosted Trilateral Ulema Conference at Bogor Palace, which involves Indonesian, Afghan and Pakistani clerics.

The meeting according to Jokowi was also part of his commitment and efforts to prioritize the role of the ulemas.

“There are a lot of good will here and also a lot of intention and also a lot of respect and also looking up as accesible islamic country Indonesia seem which peaceful and tolerant. We are looking what we can do together in the future,” said Abdullah.

Regarding Taliban, Abdullah has different opinion. He promise to built peace between Taliban and government because people of Afghanistan longing for peace.

“There is no doubt that most people in Afghanistan want peace. Sadly, Taliban still continues hiding their existence, “He said.

As we knew before, at the end of February 2019 Afghan President Ashraf Ghani specifically involved Vice President Jusuf Kalla together with had small conversation in Jakarta.

That meeting was seen as the beginning of a new chapter towards peace in Afghanistan.

As the world largest moslem population, Indonesia took part in creating peace in Afghanistan.

Not only Abdullah, after Jokowi visiting Kabul in early 2018, representative of Taliban met with Jusuf Kalla at his official residence on July 2019.

So the question is, can we trust Maaruf Amin continue building strong relationship between two country?

As we know together He was part of moslem religion and party. But for the very first time there were chaos between moslem party in Indonesia.

And also don’t forget about the cold war between Maaruf Amin and former Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok).

For your information, Maaruf Amin said He was forced to enforcing the law to putting Ahok into the jail at that time.

Strangely, when Ahok was jailed, Maaruf Amin join with Jokowi at the presidential election and betrayed 212 movement.

212 movement was built as the – anti Ahok. They refuse Ahok the governor of Jakarta just because his statement on public about Al-quran.

And Maaruf Amin himself is one of the mobilizer the organization. Can we trust him enough building peace in the country when He was also anty minority based on his choice when choosen as the leader at MUI and by human rights activist.


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