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He is The Best Bhabinkamtibmas the Area Has and Also An Environmentalist

He wants to maintain the security of the two villages he was guarding

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KABBA – Just like the other days, today he came in police clothes. Muhammading (50), who is known as MCD (peace-loving man) is the constructor of Bhabinkamtibmas or bhayangkara constructor of security and public order. He once received an award from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono while serving in Aceh.

And now, he prefers to spend his time in his hometown in Pangkajene and Islands Regency, South Sulawesi.

The reason is simple. He wants to maintain the security of the two villages he was guarding. They are Kabba Village and Panaikang Village.

MCD is not an ordinary Bhabinkamtibmas officer. His timeless work made him often appear among the residents’ houses, reminding them to close the gates that were still open in the middle of the night.

The goal is only one, that the people of the two villages could comfortably rest at night.

MCD’s performance was also praised by the Head of the Pangkajene and Islands Police, Tri Handako Wijaya Putra.

During his visit to the house of one of the residents in Kabba Village, he admitted that the security level in Kabba Village and Panaikang Village is very high.

Because of his efforts, in 2021, he won an award as the best Babinkamtibmas in Pangkajene and Islands Regency.

He also won the speech competition ahead of Bhayangkara Day which was commemorated on July 21, 2021.

But this victory does not make MCD complacent. He is now ready to wait for an award from the South Sulawesi Police Chief.

“I don’t know what kind of award that will come, whether it’s a school time or a charter, I don’t know,” said MCD to The Editor team at the natural tourist location of Lamperangan, Pangkajene and Islands, South Sulawesi, on Sunday (26/6).

Muhammading has a cheerful personality. To The Editor, he kept explaining the beauty of the natural tourist area of ​​Lamperangan, which had won 4th place as a national tourism village.

“There is also a hand drawing of ancient traces. Over there,” he said while showing a row of karst mountains that adorn the villages of Kabba, Pangkajene and the Archipelago.

MCD is also very well liked by the residents. Those who see MCD always wave their hands and say hello.

So when walking with MCD, you will get the experience of being known by everyone. His character makes people want to approach him.

MCD invites tourists to come to visit Kabba and Panaikang Villages. He ensures the safety of the tourists when visiting and enjoying the natural beauty of the village where he works.

“The villages of Kabba and Panaikang are very beautiful. Come and travel here,” said MCD.

MCD appeared in the “Si Bolang” which was aired on Trans TV. He was seen teaching the children of Kabba Village to make Baka-Baka. (Foto: Youtube/ THE EDITOR)

It should be noted that Muhammading also appeared on Trans TV last month. He appeared as one of the talents in one of its programs, named “Si Bolang”.

For him, appearing on Trans TV is an experience he cannot forget.

Muhammading is also an expert in making baka-baka, a basket made of palm leaves which is used as a fish container.

As someone who really cares about the environment, he is also one of the police officers who actively teaches children to make breeds to protect the environment.

“In the past, there was no plastic. So we use nipah leaves to store fish. This method is taught to children to keep the environment free from plastic waste,” he said.


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