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Accompanying President Jokowi to Inaugurate The Implementation of Presidential Instruction on Regional Roads in East Java, Minister Basuki: Expediting Logistics Flow and Tourism Access

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MADIUN – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), accompanied by Minister of Public Works and Housing Basuki Hadimuljono, Minister of Defence Prabowo Subianto, and three members of Commission V of the House of Representatives Soehartono, Sadarestuwati, and Ali Mufthi, inaugurated the repair of 33 roads in East Java that were implemented through the Presidential Instruction on Regional Roads (IJD).

The inauguration was centred on the Dungus-Batas Kota Road section in Madiun Regency, East Java Province on Friday (8/3).

President Jokowi said that in East Java Province, the construction and repair of non-national roads through the IJD was carried out on 33 roads and 2 bridges along 275.51 km with a budget of Rp925 billion.

“This is not a small budget, for 33 roads, one of which is what we see here. The total repair of regional roads through the Presidential Instruction on Regional Roads throughout Indonesia in 2023 has spent a budget of Rp14.6 trillion,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that road improvements through the IJD will continue in 2024 with a budget allocation of Rp15 trillion.

“This will be continued again in 2024 for roads that need to be repaired in other provinces, regencies, and cities,” President Jokowi said.

Minister Basuki said that the implementation of IJD refers to Presidential Instruction Number 1 of 2023 on Accelerating the Improvement of Regional Road Connectivity.

In fiscal year 2023, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing through the Directorate General of Highways has allocated a budget of Rp14.6 trillion nationwide for the handling of 2,873 km of regional roads throughout the country.

“The purpose of implementing IJD is mainly to increase connectivity and improve the stability of regional roads, in order to facilitate the flow of logistics, as well as tourist access,” said Minister Basuki.

Head of the East Java-Bali National Road Implementation Centre (BBPJN Jatim-Bali) Rakhman Taufik said that the repaired roads in East Java Province are divided into two parts, the southern and northern parts.

In the south, there are 20 road sections of 209.46 km and 2 bridges of 184.74 m with a total budget of Rp545.7 billion, one of which is in Madiun, on the 8.73 km Dungus-Batas Kota road section.

“For the entire section in the southern part, construction has been completed and two bridges are currently under construction,” said Taufik.

“The two bridges are Jongibiru Bridge in Kediri Regency with 61% progress and Ngelembu Bridge in Trenggalek Regency with 59% progress,” he continued.

Nur Wahyono, a fruit trader on Jalan Raya Dungus in Madiun Regency, expressed his gratitude for the road repair assistance provided by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

“Alhamdulillah, with the road now getting smoother, more people pass through here, our shop income is increasing,” he said.

“There used to be stagnant water in front of this kiosk when it rained. So when a vehicle passed by, the water splashed on the fruit being sold.

“Automatically, transport is also easier now, trucks can easily stop near shops to load and unload goods,” he said.

Also accompanying Minister Basuki were Expert Staff of the Minister of Public Works and Housing for Technology, Industry, and Environment Endra S. Atmawidjaja, Director of Road and Bridge Preservation Region I of the Directorate General of Highways Nyoman Suaryana, and Head of the East Java-Bali National Road Implementation Centre (BBPJN Jatim-Bali) Rakhman Taufik.


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