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The Director General of Bina Pemdes Encourages Village Governments to Accelerate The Absorption of APBDes

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JAMBI – The Director General (Dirjen) of Village Government Development (Bina Pemdes) of the Ministry of Home Affairs Eko Prasetyanto Purnomo Putro attended the National Working Meeting (Rakernas) of the Association of Indonesian Village Governments (Apdesi) at Jambi University, Muaro Jambi, Wednesday.

In his remarks, Eko encouraged village governments to accelerate the uptake of the Village Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBDes) including village funds with priority on accelerating village development activities.

“We encourage accelerated absorption of the APBDes, with priority for village development, to increase the economic growth and resilience of rural communities,” he said.

He also expressed his hope that Apdesi members would be able to improve the implementation of responsive, extractive, regulative, distributive and collaborative village governance and not violate regulations.

“I hope that all of you, the village heads and village officials, will improve good coordination and solidity in providing the best service to the community,” he continued.

Apart from that, he also requested the village government and the Village Consultative Body (BPD) to create a synergy in accelerating village development.

“The most important thing is to increase the synergy between the village government and BPD in accelerating village development by prioritizing the welfare of the village community and making innovations to bring the village forward through programs that can optimize the potential, challenges, and opportunities that exist in the village by encouraging community participation,” he explained.

Eko hopes that, through this Rakernas of Apdesi National, the participants can strengthen good relations so that it will strengthen communication and synergy in carrying out tasks.

“With this Rakernas of Apdesi, we are able to contribute to development in the village,” he concluded.

Also present at the Rakernas of Apdesi included the Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto, the Governor of Jambi Al Haris, and Jambi Forkopimda officials. (NEWS ADVERTORIAL)


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