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Appreciating Makassar OTDA Day 2023, President Joko Widodo Through the Ministry of Home Affairs Soon Hold Outstanding Regional Head Award Event

The Ministry of Home Affairs requested that each regional head across provinces, districts, and cities spurs their own creativity to win this prestigious award.

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JAKARTA – The government presented a new surprise for outstanding regional heads in 2023: prizes in the form of a very big amount of incentive.

How to get it?

On Tuesday (2/5), The Editor visited the office of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) to find more about this.

It is known that the success of the Makassar City Government as the region with the highest performance achievements nationally at the commemoration of the OTDA (regional autonomy day) a while ago at the Anjungan City of Makassar has become a motivation for other regional heads to achieve similar achievements in the coming year.

It should be noted that the award won by the City of Makassar was based on the results of an evaluation of the implementation of regional government in 2022. The evaluation gave a score of 3.348 to the City of Makassar.

“We could say that the award ceremony for regional heads was a surprise from us (Ministry of Home Affairs) in 2023,” said Kapuspen (head of information center) Kemendagri Benni Irwan.

This year, President Joko Widodo also prepared rewards and punishments for regional heads who achieve accomplishments.

In 2023, continued Benni, the Ministry of Home Affairs will hold a number of events related to evaluating the performance of regional heads.

“Yesterday we started with Makassar as the best government in recent years. In 2023, we want to give awards to more regions,” said Benni.

Some of them are the regional government with the highest absorption of the national budget, the regional government that is the fastest in resolving the problem of stunting or malnutrition, the regional government with the best performance in developing its villages, the regional governments that have succeeded in developing border areas, the regional governments that have succeeded in solving poverty problems, the regional governments that are able to control inflation nationally, etc.

“This award ceremony will be held within 3 or 4 months,” said Benni.

For this reason, Benni requested that each regional head across provinces, districts, and cities spurs their own creativity to win this prestigious award.

This Country’s Wealth Is in the Regions

Each regional head must be innovative in developing their respective regions. This is because the country’s wealth exists and is available in each region without exception.

“Wealth of natural resources is in each region. It is available, and it remains to be managed systematically,” said Benni.

If we only rely on the central government, said Benni, he is pessimistic that in the future there will be regional heads who are capable of making changes even though they have been elected twice in regional elections.

Tito Karnavian Appreciated the Surprise from the Mayor of Makassar

Home Affairs Minister Tito Karnavian appreciated the performance of Makassar Mayor Danny Pomanto in organizing the OTDA 2023 a while ago.

Not only seeing the success of Makassar as a region with the highest performance achievements nationally, Tito also appreciated Danny’s excellence in giving new surprises at every national event held in the city.

“Mr. Danny Pomanto, when he organizes events, there are always surprises. Thank you,” said Tito.

He explained that regional heads who won in the 2023 OTDA event were assessed by an objective jury.

Therefore, Tito hopes that Makassar and the other cities that have won will continue to push themselves so they can continue to innovate and have the enthusiasm to spur the growth of their respective regional autonomy.

What About Regions That Haven’t Won?

Tito hopes that regional heads who have not won the OTDA event in 2023 will also continue pushing themselves to keep going.

This is because a number of similar awards will also be held by the Ministry of Home Affairs to appreciate more regional heads with other achievements.

“Our president, for example. From a mayor to a governor to a president. That is the implication of the spirit of regional autonomy,” said Tito.

Danny Pomanto is Happy to Welcome OTDA

Danny Pomanto welcomed Makassar’s selection as one of the cities with the highest performance nationally.

According to him, OTDA will be a moment to increase regional excellence and progress.

“And this will be a momentum to show oneself, especially in the ritual rotation of the country’s leadership. This is a very good moment,” he concluded.


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