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Vice Chairman of DPD RI Questions The Attitude of The Minister of Finance Who Didn’t Know About the PPATK’s Findings of the Strange 300 Trillion Report

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JAKARTA – We deeply regret the attitude of the Minister of Finance who considers herself not aware of the existence of more than 200 reports from PPATK (financial transaction reporting and analysis center) that have been officially confirmed to the Ministry of Finance (Ministry of Finance).

This was stated by the Vice Chairman of The House of Regional Representatives of Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) Sultan B Najamudin in a statement received by The Editor on Sunday (12/3) evening.

According to him, with allegations of illicit transactions that have accumulated up to IDR 300 trillion at the Ministry of Finance since 2009, this proves that the Ministry of Finance does not respect external supervision mechanisms and is reluctant to implement an internal supervision system.

“Considering that this financial scandal has been going on for a long time in a systematic and structured manner, we encourage that the alleged mega-scandal related to 460 civil servants (PNS) at the Ministry of Finance must be immediately followed up with an investigation by an independent team in a transparent manner,” Sultan said.

DPD RI institutionally through committee IV, continued Sultan, will summon the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati to request information and accountability for her negligence in supervising employees within the Finance Ministry.

He also assessed that Sri Mulyani did not care about PPATK’s findings and reports regarding illegal transactions within the Ministry of Finance so far.

“The financial scandal which incidentally originated at the Director General of Taxes and Customs of the Ministry of Finance affected the achievement of state revenue from taxes significantly. And it directly hurts the feelings of the public who have been enforced with strict tax rules and have always been obedient in paying taxes so far,” said the Sultan.

In order to maintain the reputation of the Ministry of Finance, especially the Director General of Taxes, Sultan asked law enforcement agencies such as the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia together with PPATK to trace the flow of these funds.


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