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This Is How BSKDN Will Keep The 2024 Elections Conducive

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JAKARTA – Head of The Domestic Policy Strategy Agency (BSKDN) of Home Ministry Yusharto Huntoyungo said that He is working to ensure that the 2024 elections can be successful.

One of the efforts made by BSKDN is to carry out a series of outreach activities to all regions in Indonesia.

Because the success of the 2024 general elections (Pemilu) and regional elections (Pilkada) is influenced by the readiness of local governments from sub-district to village levels.

This socialization was delivered directly to regional heads so that the upcoming 2024 elections will be held safely and smoothly.

“We hope that various activities will be carried out through websites, webinars, meetings,” said Yusharto to The Editor.

One part of the socialization is asking regional heads to ensure the validity and updating data of voters participation.

Apart from that, another message conveyed by Yusharto to regional heads regarding the 2024 elections was to ensure that public participation in the elections remain high.

He does not deny that the implementation of elections in Indonesia improves over time.

Reflecting on the success of the General Election during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Yusharto hopes to repeat similar success in the coming year.

Yusharto hopes to repeat the success of the 2019 election when the Covid-19 pandemic occurred.

In the upcoming 2024 elections, Yusharto also request every regional head from provinces to city districts prepare election without conflict and safe.

Makassar Prepares for Peaceful Elections

Makassar Mayor Moh Ramdhan Pomanto officially signed the Regional Grant Agreement (NPHD) for the 2024 Pilwalkot at the City Hall Office, Friday (10/11).

The Makassar City Government allocated approximately IDR 64 billion for the Makassar KPU and IDR 18 billion for the Makassar Bawaslu.

The Mayor of Makassar hopes that the election process in Makassar will run smoothly, safely and peacefully.

Danny Pomanto said that his party had experience in regional elections and had experienced it all.

“My task is to prepare for peaceful elections in Makassar. The presidential election, legislative and regional elections,” he said during his remarks on the sidelines of the event.

In essence, he said, as long as it does not take sides, peaceful elections can be hold in Makassar City.

“The monitoring system will be made even better so that this becomes a good monitoring base for the democratic party in Makassar,” ¬†said Danny after the event.

“Digital monitoring like this is expected to be a pioneer in Indonesia. I hope Makassar becomes an example from all sides, mitigation and monitoring,” He continued.


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