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South Sulawesi PHDI Invites Mayor to Commemorate 50 Years of Giri Natha Temple, Danny: Proof That Makassar is An Inclusive and Harmonious City

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MAKASSAR – South Sulawesi Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) invited the Mayor of Makassar to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Giri Natha Temple which will be held on October 12.

Mayor of Makassar Moh Ramdhan Pomanto said that the Makassar City Government fully supports the event.

He also said that the long existence of the temple proves that Makassar is an inclusive city or open to everyone.

“It doesn’t feel like it has been 50 years,” said Danny Pomanto, the mayor’s nickname, while receiving an audience from the South Sulawesi PHDI at his private residence on Jl Amirullah, Tuesday (19/9).

Moreover, he continues to strengthen harmony in the Strengthening Community Faith program.

This program itself is an effort to protect and embrace all religions to jointly protect Makassar City.

One form of this is to educate people to work together to maintain the security and peace of the city in accordance with the recommendations of their respective religions.

“The point is that all religious communities unite, work together to protect the city of Makassar. Synergize with each other in security and peace of life,” explained Danny.

This includes helping each other, maintaining a sense of unity and brotherhood.

PHDI South Sulawesi Daily Chair Gede Durahman said that Giri Natha Temple will be celebrating its 50th anniversary since it was inaugurated by the Mayor of Makassar under Muhammad Daeng Patompo.

In his observations, Mayor Danny has so far cared for the religious community, helping and supporting maintaining religious harmony.

“We consider him a government guru. And of course, the Hindu community in Makassar, which is approximately 7 thousand people, supports the mayor’s programs in Makassar,” said Gede after the audience.

He revealed that the journey of 50 years and the dynamics of religious harmony in Makassar had been very good and his party enjoyed it.

According to him, good relations with Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and others are very strong and tolerant.

“So we hope that this condition will continue to be maintained and this will become an important capital to build and support the mayor’s programs,” he said.


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