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Minister of Home Affairs Appreciates National Food Agency For Helping Central Government in Controlling Food Prices

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JAKARTA – Minister of Home Affairs Muhammad Tito Karnavian appreciated the National Food Agency (NFA) for assisting the central government in controlling food prices.

He conveyed this at the launching of the Simultaneous National Cheap Food Movement (GPM) which was held in a hybrid manner from the Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta, Monday (26/6).

“This low-cost market movement is a large grant at the central level, which is managed by the NFA. So far we have been meeting with NFA and others, we know it has become an encouragement for the synergy, the movement, which was held by using unexpected spending funds,” he said.

Tito explained, ahead of Eid al-Adha, many commodities experienced an increase in demand, causing prices to rise, such as eggs, purebred chicken meat and corn.

Apart from that, the price hike also occurred because there will be many state activities in the near future, such as Independence Day on August 17 which will be enlivened with competitions.

Therefore, he continued, the GPM is expected to help local governments.

“There are many things that they, regional heads, cannot fully do because of their limited fiscal authority and other things. For this reason, government intervention is needed, one of which is through a cheap market movement by the central government,” he said.

He hopes that this movement will continue to run, the government will continue to intervene if there is a price increase.

Because, if not, commodity prices in the market will fall. This certainly harms the farmers as well as breeders.

“Our country is a consumption country as well as a production country. If consumption prices drop drastically, consumers are happy, but producers are half dead. We have to keep the balance,” he said.

On the other hand, the Head of NFA Arief Prasetyo Adi in his remarks said that NFA and related ministries/institutions were present to unravel one by one the food challenges which were the people’s affairs.

The launching of the GPM this time is a real action in controlling food inflation while at the same time increasing the economic growth of food business actors, farmers and breeders.

“Today’s GPM is carried out jointly, compactly, and simultaneously at 342 points in 301 districts/cities throughout Indonesia. I really appreciate the extraordinary enthusiasm from all districts/cities who participated in today’s event,” he said.


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