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Meeting The CEO of Oriental Consultant Global Japan, Danny Pomanto Discussed Smart Island Investment in Makassar

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JEPANG – Mayor of Makassar Moh Ramdhan Pomanto accepted the invitation of Oriental Consultant Global (OCG) CEO Eiji Yonezawa at a business meeting held on Thursday (21/9) in Japan.

The meeting discussed the follow-up to the Smart Island program in Makassar City and also the potential for developing other infrastructure projects.

It is a source of pride for Makassar City because OCG chose to build an electrification and fishery product development project in Daeng City.

This is also due to the prospect of increasing the added value of the catches of fishermen on Barrang Lompo Island.

Eiji Yonezawa said that the launching of the Smart Island Project in Makassar had been carried out.

Furthermore, his party hopes to be able to sign the MoU next month in conjunction with the 5th ASEAN-Japan Smart Cities Network High Level Meeting which will be held on October 26–27.

One of the benefits of the Smart Island Project on Barrang Lompo Island is that it provides electrification with solar power and helps improve the quality of fish production so that the selling value is better (cold chain projects can keep fish from spoiling quickly).

Ramdhan Pomanto said that Makassar City is a strategic region in Eastern Indonesia and has a lot of investment potential. Moreover, Smart city Makassar is listed 114th out of 141 smart cities in the world.

Therefore, he also hopes that the MoU will show significant progress.

Apart from that, Danny Pomanto–Ramdhan Pomanto’s nickname–revealed the investment potential along Losari Beach, namely Japparate in the New Development Area with 3 floors.

Another important investment is the elevated ring road which requires a total of 24 km.

Both parties agreed to follow up the investment meeting with other meetings to ensure the projects can be implemented well.

The meeting concluded with an exchange of souvenirs, a dinner, and a light discussion about the history and advantages of Makassar as a City of Good Food.


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