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As Tension Rise, US Ambassador John Sullivan Leave Moscow

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U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation John J. Sullivan presented his credentials today to President Putin in a ceremony held in the Kremlin’s Alexander Hall, 5 February 2020 (Picture: US Embassy in Russia)

MOSCOW – “John Sullivan’s departure will leave both countries’ embassies without their top diplomats at key moment,” said The Guardian, Tuesday (20/4).

Washington and Moscow recently announcing new sanctions, a Russian military buildup near Ukraine, and concerns about the opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s health while in detention.

Based on Sullivan statement on Tuesday, meeting his family is the second reason why he left Moscow. He will also use this chance to speak directly with Washington about current state of bilateral relations between the United States and Russia.

“I will return to Moscow in the coming weeks before any meeting between presidents Biden and Putin.” He said.

The Kremlin reject the possibility of summit int he coming weeks which been discussed between Biden and Putin several times ago.

This statemen was announce after receive report from its ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov said Biden said that Putin was a killer during interview with television journalist. Biden alo criticized for saying that Putin would “pay a price” for its alleged interference during the 2020 elections.

Last week, Biden administration expelled 10 Russian diplomats and announced sweeping sanctions against Russia for its alleged elections interference and role in the SolarWinds supply chain hack. It was the largest expulsion of Russian diplomats since the 2018 Salisbury poisonings.


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