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10 Regions Receive Awards for Best PSM Implementation in Indonesia

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JAKARTA – The Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform honored 10 districts/cities with top-performing Public Service Malls (PSMs) among 163 PSMs across the country.

MPP is an integrated public service model located in one place.

“Based on the results of monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of PSMs in 2023, as many as 10 PSMs managed to get the excellent category,” said Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Abdullah Azwar Anas at the Joint Inauguration of Public Service Malls, Launching of NPSIN, and Awarding of Public Services in 2023 held in Jakarta, Tuesday (21/11).

The excellent PSM award is measured by various indicators, including the impact of PSM’s existence on increasing investment, the quality of PSM implementation, public satisfaction, and continuous efforts to improve the quality of PSM.

Some of the regions with the best PSMs are Surabaya City, Badung Regency, Banyuwangi Regency, Sidoarjo Regency, and Bandung City.

In addition, there are also Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, Pekanbaru City, Magetan Regency, and DKI Jakarta Province.

On this occasion, Minister Anas reminded everyone with President Joko Widodo’s directive that the implementation of bureaucracy has an impact on the wider community.

Therefore, it is necessary to conduct monitoring and evaluation in the implementation of PSM to measure its performance.

“The monitoring and evaluation of PSM implementation is intended to measure its performance to see the impact on increasing investment and public satisfaction, as well as measuring the quality of PSM implementation,” he added.

The PSM’s M&E is based on the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Guideline No. 5/2022 on the Implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation of PSM Implementation.

The assessment includes four variables, namely service recipients, internal processes, learning and growth, and finance.

Based on the results of monitoring and evaluation, data and information on the condition of PSM implementation, including obstacles, the impact of PSM’s presence in supporting investment, as well as public satisfaction with PSM’s presence and completeness of services are obtained.

The 103 PSMs selected as the PSM M&E locus are ones that have been present since 2017 until the end of 2022.

Therefore, the PSM, which will only be inaugurated in 2023, is not the locus of assessment.

“Congratulations to the 10 PSMs that won the best PSM implementation award with the excellent service category. Hopefully this achievement can be emulated by other PSMs,” concluded Minister Anas.


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