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Public Expose PT Surya Fajar Capital Tbk (SFAN)

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JAKARTA – throughout the year 2019 PT Surya Fajar Capital Tbk (the Company or “SFAN”) faced quite a number of challenges, both internal and external. Internally, the development of our two subsidiary entities, namely PT Bursa Akselerasi Indonesia (Indofund.id) and PT Surya Fajar Sekuritas (SF Sekuritas), which are just starting to operate, certainly consumed extra attention, furthermore, our packed schedule re the IPO process have drained our focus throughout the first semester 2019.

“However, the Company’s sacrifice yielded pretty sweet results,” said CEO of PT Surya Fajar Capital Tbk (the Company or “SFAN”) Hary Herdiyanto, Thursday (18/6)

Throughout 2019, He added, the Company recorded several achievements including the success of the Company’s Initial Public Offering, obtaining margin trading and underwriting licenses for SF Securities, acquisition of 60{449fde34b18ca6505a303acf59cd2914251092e879039fa6b1605563bfad8ebc} ownership in PT Mareco Prima Mandiri (DIPAY) and increasing minority participation in PT Tourindo Guide Indonesia (PGJO).

On the Financial side, Evie Feniyanti, the Company’s CFO said that the slight decline in the Company’s revenue in 2019 was due to a delay in
several projects that were being carried out by the Company, furthermore, the capital market condition that was blew by negative issues in the second half of 2019 made investor and prospective investors’ confidence drop, thus impacting our several fund raising projects and SF Securities trading activities as well. In general, income decline can be partly mitigated thanks to the successful diversification strategy throughout 2019.

In terms of assets, Evie explained that the Company at the end of 2019 was able to record total assets of approximately IDR 200 billion or grew approximately IDR39 billion or 24{449fde34b18ca6505a303acf59cd2914251092e879039fa6b1605563bfad8ebc} compared to 2018 which was recorded at IDR161 billion, the increase was mainly derived from the Company’s Initial Public Offering in June 2019.

According to Hary, in 2020, the Company plans to continue what they’ve been doing previously, such as continuous development of new products or services, or open-up new business lines, in order to provide an integrated one-stop-solution to our clients or customers, while continuing the diversification program to minimize the revenue fluctuations risk that generally occur in a business.

Several concrete programs to be launched this year include online trading applications to attract more retail investors by SF Securities, borrower’s diversification and employee loan programs launched by Indofund.id to boost the loan disbursement while at the same time minimizing risk and many others.

In addition, the Company is currently preparing two new business lines which are currently still in the preparation stage, namely investment management and equity crowdfunding, which are expected to be launched at the latest by 2021. Hary added that the completeness of the Company’s business ecosystem shall create synergy, efficiency and faster business acceleration, which in the end is expected to create added value for all the Company’s stakeholders.

About PT Surya Fajar Capital Tbk

PT Surya Fajar Capital Tbk. is a company engaged in investment & financial services, with the current source of income comes from financial consulting services and investment activities, as well as from securities trading commissions and funding commissions from its Subsidiaries.

The company was established in 2016 with an initial focus on financial consulting services. Along with its business expansion, in 2018 the Company established two Subsidiaries, namely PT Bursa Akselerasi Indonesia (indofund.id) which focuses on the financial technology-based business activities (peer-to-peer lending) and PT Surya Fajar Sekuritas (SFS) Which focuses on securities trading services, both of which are currently operating commercially. In 2019, the Company made a 60{449fde34b18ca6505a303acf59cd2914251092e879039fa6b1605563bfad8ebc} stake in PT Mareco Prima Mandiri (electronic payment & e-wallet) and placed a minority investment in PT Tourindo Guide Indonesia Tbk, a technology-based travel assistance company (www.pigijo.com) Pigijo is a digital platform created to help traveler in planning and getting the maximum experience in every trip. The company officially listed its shares on the Stock Exchange in June 2019.


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