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RUSSIA – If someone ask me to describe Petersburg in one sentence, It will sounds like European city with a Russian soul.

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In 2019 this city visited over 9 millions of tourists. Tourism development committee wrote about this crazy numbers.

If you live in Saint Petersburg and want go to the center any summer month to enjoy the sunset you need to understand that it was a horrible idea.

The main and most picturesque street of the city is crowded. Everyone word for word steps on each other’s heels and I’m not exaggerate.

It looks like I’m trying to dissuade people from coming here. It’s absolutely wrong.

If you are planning to visit Petersburg in the summer so you need to be prepared for long lines at museums, theaters and one of the oldest pawn shops in the city.

Of course, these are all jokes and nothing can stop a soul that requires beauty. And by a fluke, everyone who comes here finds it.

I prepare a small checklist, what to do in the city on the Neva river. I definitely recommend borrowing some points or maybe all at once.

The very first thing you need to do is climb The Colonnade of St. Isaac Cathedral. The 262 steps of the narrow staircase are definitely stunning. One of the best view point in the city. And also to realize that you are on top of St. Isaac Cathedral itself gives a lot of pleasure.

I bring all my friends who come to Petersburg for the first time to visit this place and so far no one has complained.

The second one is Tauride Gardens , a spacious landscape park with winding paths, old trees and ponds, located in the very center of Saint Petersburg.

The Tauride Garden arose as a garden at the Tauride Palace, built in 1783-1789. This ensemble has become one of the monuments of the victory of Russia in the wars of the late XVIII century.

Almost 3 centuries have passed since then, a dozen generations have changed but some places have memories and energy in themselves and Tauride Garden is one of them.

The third is The Park New Holland, a piece of a European country in the center of St. Petersburg. Why do I love this place? Sooner or later the moment comes when you are saturated with the greenery of gardens and parks, pomp and luxury of museums and estates, and then all the ways lead to New Holland.

The simplicity, liveliness and amazing gastronomic “Bottle” of the park will not leave anyone indifferent. Musical parties, fresh bars in the open air in summer and a cozy winter ice rink with hot tea or mulled wine are great combinations.

The next one is my absolute love. I take it from my heart and share the 300th anniversary park of St. Petersburg is located on the shores of The Gulf of Finland. My place of strength, meditation and relaxation. I come here when I am sad and upset or in moments of joy and happiness.

Here, everyone can listen to the sound of bay, walk along the huge foot bridge. I was here for the first time in the first week after moving and now it’a one of the most adorable place for me.


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