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Inspecting ASN Attorney Selection in Bali, Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform: All Transparent, Live Score on Youtube

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DENPASAR – Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Abdullah Azwar Anas on Friday (17/11) inspected the implementation of basic competency selection (SKD) for formations within the Attorney General’s Office at the National Civil Service Agency (BKN) Bali Regional Office.

Anas arrived at the BKN Bali Office before the test began, then had a dialogue with a number of test participants.

“Where do you come from?” he asked one participant in the waiting room.

“I’m from Jembrana, Sir,” the participant answered.

Other participants took turns in answering the ministry by mentioning their regional origins. Some people come from Denpasar, Badung, and also Tabanan.

“What formations are you applying for?” he asked again, to which participants replied with a number of formations available at the prosecutor’s office, such as prosecutors to case handling managers.

He then advised the participants to ask for their parents’ blessings before starting the test.

“We still have time up to 25 minutes, you can call your father or mother again to ask for blessings,” he said.

Anas was accompanied by Acting Head of BKN Haryomo Dwi Putranto and Bali High Prosecutor R. Narendra Jatna.

He explained that the government opened a very large formation in the Attorney General’s Office for this year, reaching 7,846 CPNS.

“There are about 7,800 formations in the Attorney General’s Office, while the number of applicants reached more than 173,000. This means it is very competitive. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly and will produce excellent talents to support the work of the Attorney General’s Office,” said the former head of the Public Procurement Policy Agency (LKPP).

For 2023, the government has set a total of 572,496 ASN formations, with details of 72 central government agencies totalling 78,862 ASN and 493,634 ASN for local governments.

Anas ensured that all stages of the test were transparent and accountable. He asked the public not to believe any person/institution that claims to be able to help pass the CASN selection.

“The test is online, Computer Assisted Test (CAT). The score comes out immediately, live score, without pause so that no one can intervene. It is even shown live on Youtube. We also added the process using face recognition, so there are no more test jockeys,” Anas explained.

Meanwhile, Acting Head of BKN Haryomo Dwi Putranto said that there are 365 locations for the 2023 CASN selection, including BKN, health polytechnics in a number of cities, independent locations of agencies, and overseas.

There was an increase in the number of locations this year compared to last year, which was around 105 locations.

“The additional locations are expected to make participants not too far away in accessing the test center,” said Haryomo.

Furthermore, he explained that a number of things BKN has done to improve system security include collaborating with the National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN).

“For the provision of data communication networks, BKN is collaborating with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics to increase bandwidth and add backup links for the smooth implementation of CAT exams,” he said.


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