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Would I Like To Stay In Petersburg Forever?

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Ksenia for The Editor

PETERSBURG – It has happened to me not long time ago when my friend wrote me a message. Surprisingly she ask me to start writing about something in this world that interested me.

As beginer of course I will ask her a lot of question and for the very first time She taught me the magic word of The Five WS (5W + 1 H).

Am I succeed? What is interesting around me? Should it be a single sentence or a 10,000 character article?

Who knows but until you try, you will never know. I choose the first option and so let’s start. A few words about me. My name is Ksenia and I’m 24. But it’s just a biological age and my point is no one know exactly it depends on your feeling.

And It is completely different story about which I can talk for a very long time. Since I am a Russian sometimes you will find strange words in my story and you need too google it immediately.

I was born in Siberian town called Tomsk. Very small but charming. I spent my childhood in Siberian and graduated from Tomsk State University with a degree in economics.

In those days at 2013 it was the most popular course of study and I choose it because I didn’t know, who I wanted to be.

It’s so sad that a huge burden of responsibility falls on the shoulders of a 17 year old teenager. After graduation I understand that Tomsk is too small for me. I want to try living in a big city. I want to have a choice of activities and not always walking in the same place and do the same things.

Soon It will be three years since I live in the second capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg. It is such a huge and majestic metropolis blending with amazing history. You can say that I am fascinated of this city. It was not always like this.

My first visit to Saint Petersburg was at the age of 15. After three days spent on the train. I went 4000 km through the country, me and my friends finally arrived.

The most vital things and actions we planned to do was take a shower, eat and taking pictures, lots of pictures.

Before this moment, I have never seen such a big and beautiful city. Such a pleasure was to walk along the embankment of the Fontanka River and Nevsky Prospekt. I admire the wonderful bridge near the winter palace of the Hermitage.

Petersburg is still the starting point for my journeys but I am returning here because it is my home.

Would I like to stay in Petersburg forever? Or going somewhere else maybe? Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for this question yet.

But what I know for sure is that I would never want to stop moving. I would like to travel and explore this world and it’s every corner.


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