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This Is How Russian Produce Less Waste to Support Green Environment

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The Editor/Ksenia
The Editor/Ksenia

PETERSBURG – In continuation of the topic of ecology, which I concerned in the previous article I wants to tell about some point which I followed in my daily life to produce less waste.

I’m a human and sometimes failures happen, but I’m fine with it and try not to blame myself for this.

Rule of my life, which I’m trying to follow is three rules that told us: refuse (reduce), reuse, recycle.

This rule is part of the waste hierarchy which is a process used to protect the environment and conserve resources through a priority approach.

Sounds like a Greenpeace volunteer speech or someone like this, but it actually makes sense.

Refuse. Try not to use something, that can’t be recycled or without something you can live normally. It’s obvious.

I’m trying not to buy and use things which is not necessary and objectively disposable. Such as extra clothes, gadgets and cosmetics.

Alsо, I don’t buy water in plastic bottles (without an emergency), but usually I take my reusable bottle and pour water from the filter at home.

I don’t order food at home and don’t take food away from the restaurant or cafe, because they usually pack it in a huge amount of disposable dishes, which later go to the trash. I always carry a shopping bag and tissue bags for fruits and vegetables with me. It is very convenient, especially when I am in the market. I just give my bags to the seller and he puts my purchases there.

Reduce. I’m well aware that the modern world is very difficult to follow the rule of “refuse” because often there are emergency situations in which you are a hostage of circumstances. And when this happens, I try to think, is it possible to avoid it and if not, how to reduce the damage from my actions? In a grocery store I choose products which is less packing than others.

Reuse. I’m always try to create a new usage of useless at the first sight things. Use a glass jars from various canned vegetables for storing cereals, flour, sugar or salt, tea and coffee. I use paper for printing on both sides, try to find new owners for my old things and equipment. If it is in good condition, I give them to friends, relatives or just strangers for free. The main idea is not to let these things end up in the trash, but to prolong their life, even if not in my everyday life. For somebody it’s an unnecessary problems, but it’s a part of my life.

Recycle. Recycling can significantly reduce the production of plastics and other packaging materials, as well as reduce the total amount of human-generated waste. This trend is very popular in Europe, America and other countries, but it is still quite new for Russia.


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