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Key site from biblical kings’ time unveiled near US Embassy in Jerusalem

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JERUSALEM – An impressive structure built of concentric walls was uncovered during the preparation works for building a new residential area in the neighborhood of Arnona.

Immigrants and inspectors in the registry room for legal inspections at Ellis Island (Picture: The Conversation)

Jerusalem Post on Sunday report that military officials visited the graves of “last eagles,” who were Holocaust survivors that immigrated to Israel following the Second World War, and then died during Israel’s 1948 Independence War without leaving behind any family.

During the visit, a memorial was held for Yitzhak “Izo” Nueman, a “last eagle” who died while dismantling mines during the war.

“This is very emotional for me,” said IDF Chief Engineering Officer Brig. Gen. Ilan Sabag during the ceremony. “I feel as though I waited my whole to get to be able to stand here and salute Yitzhak Nueman as a part of the Combat Engineering Corps, and when I tell him to watch our combat soldiers from above, I know he’s proud of them.”

Upon learning about “The Last Eagle” project, Sabag took the opportunity to instruct battalion commanders within his division to study and teach their soldiers about the last three “Fallen Eagles” of the war – an important lesson in his book.

“I think the significance of his actions, the responsibility of protecting the home, the fact that he was willing to do anything for his friends and everything for the mission, is inspiring,” Sabag continued.

“These are undoubtedly the moving moments, the ones that remind us of what wins wars, remind us of the reason why we serve the people and the homeland. I think commanders must adopt ways and methods and embrace such moments and positions in order to strengthen the connection to the mission.”


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