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Why Taiwan Are Your Next Medical Trip?

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TAIWAN – Cooperated with the government organizations like Tourism of Bureau, Taipei World Trade Center, Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research, Taiwan Nongovernmental Hospitals & Clinics Association, and many leading medical institutions in Taiwan, TTFMT proceeds to push ahead Taiwan healthcare across the globe. Nowadays, the new-born TTFMT is the institution taking whole responsibility to push ahead Taiwan healthcare across the world.

Taiwan is emerging as a favorable medical tourism destination, which is being driven by competitive costs, the abundance of high quality hospitals and doctors and the country’s geographical proximity to wealthier Asian countries

In Taiwan, medical check-up is no longer a rigid examination and prescription, but is moving towards a high-end service target oriented towards customer convenience.

The level of medical and economic development in Taiwan is comparable to those of developed countries. Taiwan has become a developed nation through the promotion of international prosperity in economics, trade, and the provision of foreign aid.

In general, visitor must prepare NTD3,000 to NTD140,000 (around 1.2 million to 60 million Rupiah) for regular visit, depending on the items of examination.

For the luxurious health treatment, a three-day premium package including health checkup and sightseeing tour is around NTD280,000 (120 million Rupiah).


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