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Various Unique Business Ideas Enliven “Pitching Day” of The 2023 Jagoan Bisnis Banyuwangi

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BANYUWANGI – After undergoing a mentoring session led by a number of expert speakers and successful businessmen, the Jagoan Bisnis Banyuwangi participants made a presentation at the Pitching Day session which took place on Tuesday (22/8).

Various interesting and unique business ideas were presented by 33 teams during the Pitching Day which was held at the Sabga Swagata Hall.

Like the Aer Enau Media team, who presented the business idea of a boardbook introducing Javanese script and the pegon alphabet.

This idea came from the concerns of the team members over the fading use and recognition of Javanese script and pegon letters among children.

“Nowadays, fewer and fewer children know the Javanese language and script. We want the Javanese script and Pegon alphabet, which are part of the nation’s culture, not to become extinct. That’s why we are interested in developing this boardbook,” said a team member named Nira.

The boardbook is attractively designed. It contains Javanese script, along with spelling and examples of its use.

The writing is also made in large size and is equipped with cheerful animated images. Anyone who reads it, from children to adults, will find it easy to understand.

“Actually, production has started since 2021, but marketing is limited. From this two-day mentoring session, we finally got a lot of ideas–about design, marketing strategies, and so on,” said Nira.

There is also the Bamboo Green team which presented the business idea of making briquettes from bamboo waste.

Supriyanto, a member of Bamboo Green, explained that this business idea is still in the form of a pilot that is being finalized.

“This idea arose from our concern about the large amount of unused bamboo waste. We were moved to use it as an alternative energy for bamboo briquettes. Hopefully through Jagoan Bisnis this business idea will further mature,” said Supriyanto.

Also present Haute, which carried the business idea of woven bags by utilizing recycled plastic materials that have gone through a certain process.

Even though it is made of recycled plastic, the design of the Haute bag is very fashionable and follows current trends.

This is an ongoing business that has reached the national market.

“We involve and empower housewives in the production of these bags. Alhamdulillah, twenty women have been involved and the number will continue to increase,” said Gandis Pinka Putri from the Haute team.

Banyuwangi Regent Ipuk Fiestiandani explained that the Banyuwangi Regency Government continues to be committed to providing entrepreneurship skills for local youth.

“Not everyone has to be an employee. We also prepare young people who will be tough to become entrepreneurs. They can create jobs, that is our hope,” said Ipuk.

“We believe that many young people who are involved in this program have and will contribute to regional economic progress,” he added.

The Head of Jagoan Bisnis program Dias Satria said that, after the presentation session, the jury would decide on the ten best business ideas that would receive a prize in the form of venture capital worth a total of IDR 100 million.

“It will not stop When the winner is announced. The winners will receive assistance and periodic evaluations so that the planned business can be realized. And for those whose business is already running, it can grow even more,” explained Dias.


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