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TR Fahsul Falah Officially Appointed as Acting Regent of Sinjai

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SINJAI – TR Fahsul Falah today, Tuesday (26/9), was officially appointed as Acting Regent of Sinjai. He replaced Andi Seto Gadhista Asapa, whose reign ended yesterday, Monday (25/9).

The inauguration took place in the Pattern Room of the South Sulawesi Governor’s Office.

Fahsul’s appointment was carried out based on the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Number of 2023 concerning the Appointment of the Acting Regent of Sinjai, South Sulawesi Province.

TR Fahsul Falah was born in East Aceh, January 1 1974. Before becoming an Acting Regent of Sinjai, he was the Head of the Center for Regional Strategy, Population and Public Services at the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Domestic Policy Strategy Agency.

“Alhamdulillah, I have been appointed by the Ministry of Home Affairs as Acting Regent of Sinjai,” he said.

According to him, he is no stranger to South Sulawesi because he served two and a half years in Makassar as Head of PPSDM, Makassar Regional Ministry of Home Affairs in 2020-2022.

Apart from that, as reported by serambinews.com, he explained that, after being appointed as Acting Regent of Sinjai, he would focus on completing the five indicators that became the national program–inflation, stunting, public services, extreme poverty, and office work–such as stated in the Regional Election Budget 2024.

“We need to work quickly and precisely to overcome these five indicators. Sinjai can do that, being able to collaborate, synergize, adapt quickly, especially now that services to the community are really needed,” he concluded.

He also admitted that he, as the Acting Regent of Sinjai, is ready to build an electronics-based Public Service Mall in Sinjai.


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