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P3PD Training Officially Started, Village Officials’ Capabilities Are Expected to Increase

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BANDUNG – The training for the Village Government and Development Strengthening Program (P3PD) has been officially started.

The Ministry of Home Affairs through The Directorate General (Ditjen) of Village Government Development (Bina Pemdes) holds the training to increase the capacity of village government officials and village institutional administrators in 33 provinces.

This training was opened by the Inspector General (Irjen) of the Ministry of Home Affairs Tomsi Tohir Balaw accompanied by the Director General (Dirjen) of Bina Pemdes Eko Prasetyanto Purnomo Putro, at the El Royale Hotel, Bandung, Thursday (21/9).

In his speech representing the Minister of Home Affairs, Tomsi said that training to build the capacity of village government officials is very important for the implementation of village government.

The training is hoped to improve the capabilities of village government officials and village institutional administrators.

“This ongoing capacity building training for village government officials and village institutional administrators–village heads, village officials, BPD chairs, and heads of village community institutions can take advantage of this good opportunity to gain knowledge and skills which will support them in carrying out their duties and responsibility to create a developed, independent and prosperous village,” said Tomsi.

Tomsi hopes that the training will also be able to encourage village heads, village officials and village institutional administrators to improve the quality of government administration, development and community empowerment, as well as fostering an understanding of leadership management and entrepreneurship.

“Apart from that, this training can improve the quality of planning and management and accelerate the absorption of APBDes (including village funds) with priority activities that encourage the acceleration of village development, growth, and economic resilience of village communities. Increasing the capacity of village government officials in being responsive, extractive, regulatory, distributive and collaborative, and always not to violate prohibitions,” said Tomsi.

“It is important for all of us to commit to improving sustainable village development. Not only in terms of infrastructure development, but also in terms of developing the quality of resources in the village. Because, basically, superior human resources will be able to manage limited natural resources to realize community welfare and improve the economy in the village,” added Tomsi.

Dirjen of Bina Pemdes Eko Prasetyanto Purnomo Putr said that training activities will be carried out 4 days per training session, for 8 weeks in 33 provinces, starting from the 3rd week of September to the 2nd week of November 2023.

“In this case, for this week, training activities have been carried out since September 20 2023 and will end on Saturday, September 23 2023. The training activities are held in 33 provinces, at designated hotels. And in this first batch, for West Java, it was held at El Hotel Royale Bandung,” explained Eko.

Participants in the training activities consisted of village heads, village officials (village secretary/head of affairs), chairman of the Village Consultative Body (BPD), chairman of Village Community Institutions (PKK/Posyandu/Karang Taruna/RT/RT Management) with a total target of 33,458 villages.

For the first batch, 13,498 people (divided into 423 classes) came from 3,298 villages in 33 provinces. Especially in West Java, 384 people (divided into 12 classes) came from 96 villages.

“Speakers at the training activities which were directed at providing leadership and entrepreneurship material came from the TNI/Polri, services in charge of national unity and politics, PMD services, services in charge of industry and trade, to national and regional banking. Meanwhile, for the trainers, all of them are State Civil Apparatus from 33 provinces who have taken part in the Training of Trainers (ToT) held by the Directorate General of Village Government Development,” said Eko. (NEWS ADVERTORIAL)


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