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Makassar Tourism Alley is Predicted to Be Able to Boost the Hospitality Industry

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MAKASSAR – Makassar has named itself as one of the cities in Indonesia that is eager to become the attractive and fun tourism city these past few years.

Located in the gate of East Indonesia, this city has seen many tourists and businessmen spending their time here to explore exotic places in the said area.

And for that specific reason, Makassar wants to introduce itself in the future as a tourism city by building the colourful tourism alleys.

This idea is included in the tourism project made by the city’s mayor himself, Mohammad Ramdhan Pomanto.

While Makassar owns 175,8 km square land, the 1.061 alleys will be spread to 150 sub-districts within the city. Fantastic, isn’t it?

The alleys will be beautified with various writings containing educational messages. Some of it will also be used as a place for playing ende-ende, which is favored by children and adults.

In other words, tourists who adore the village atmosphere, will probably feel at home for a long time staying in this place too.

Tourism Alley Grows Community Economy

The tourist aisles are predicted to be able to encourage the community’s economy through individual and group-based hotels.

As in European countries, tourist alleys have already been developed into living areas that are loved by tourists around the world.

Look at Italy. The alleys of stone houses with narrow streets are a favorite for tourists to visit.

Among them there are those who live in inns owned by residents or old hotels which only contain 3-6 rooms.

The large old house has been converted into a residence for rent through various social media such as AirBNB. The prices offered are also very varied and of course very cheap.

The same thing happened in Japan.

The streets are laid out neatly and the exotic buildings in front of people’s houses with old wooden structures make many tourists choose to live in inns and simple inns owned by local residents.

The sensation of staying at home and sleeping on tatami is also another feature of Japan’s culture that attracts people.

This is also being carried out by the Mayor of Makassar through his tourist alley.

Will residents be more creative in reviving the economy in the hospitality tourism sector, such as in Japan and Italy?

It’s just a matter of time, because the government has already started it!


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