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Makassar Mayor Danny Pomanto Learns About River Reclamation in Almere, Netherlands

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NETHERLANDS – During his last visit to Amsterdam, Makassar Mayor Danny Pomanto took his time to visit the City of Almere.

There, apart from meeting his relatives, Danny also took the time to learn about the reclamation that was made by the local government at the mouth of the river.

“Last day in Amsterdam, I took the time to visit Almere with my relative Prof. Suryadi, who is an expert and teacher in the city of Almere, on Sunday (18/6) to see the city’s irrigation system,” he said in a video post in his social media account.

According to Danny, studying the irrigation system in Almere will make it easier for him to implement the same system in Makassar in the future.

“The irrigation system in Almere City is concrete evidence of reclamation from upstream to downstream with methods that can be applied to make Makassar and South Sulawesi cities better. Thank you Suryadi for sharing the knowledge,” he added.

Making Makassar Day in the Netherlands

After participating in several events in Belgium, Danny also took the time to visit the Indonesian Embassy in the Hague City, Netherlands, and meet Indonesian Ambassador Mayerfas and Deputy Indonesian Ambassador Freddy Martin Panggabean.

In the meeting, he reported all activities he did in Belgium.

“I told the Mr. Ambassador the activities while we were in Brussels and the Makassar City Government was asked to make Makassar Day in the Netherlands,” he concluded.


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