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Evaluation of Village Screening Must Be Done with Integrity

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JAKARTA – The jury had to be honest when giving an assessment in the Evaluation and Plenary of the Administration of 2023 Outstanding Village and Administrative Village Screening which was held at the Ciputra Hotel not long ago.

That was stated by the Director General (Dirjen) of Village Government Development (Bina Pemdes) Eko Prasetyanto Purnomo Putro in his speech.

“I hope you did this assessment with honesty and integrity,” he said.

In particular, he also asked the jury who had experience in participating in this prestigious event to be a model for the jury that was entering for the first time.

“There are some who are experienced judges, there are some who come for the first time. Let’s find who is capable of being an example and model together,” he added.

Eko expects a detailed assessment. Because the reports about villages and administrative villages with achievements that were given are usually rarely as good as the original.

For that reason, a more in-depth assessment and an agenda to visit the village and/or the administrative village are what he hopes to be carried out by each jury.

“There must be a village team and an administrative village team. This is where we can be together,” he added.

To be even more specific, Eko asked the jury to provide explanations from each potential champion, both from the village and administrative village.

“You have to check the village, see the video, ask if there’s a video or not, if it’s the same with the report or not,” he said.

This stage, according to him, is important because each village and administrative village will be made a champion at the provincial level.

Eko said this event was an evaluation of the village administration. In this event, the winner in 2022 will be included as a speaker to provide input for participants.

One to note that this activity is part of the 2023 Village Governance Strengthening and Developing Program (P3PD).

P3PD is a collaborative program between the Government of Indonesia and the World Bank which aims to improve the welfare of rural communities.


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