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Ecology Or Plastic Bags For Free

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IMG_2547PETERSBURG – When I was a child, in our parenthood kitchen always was a special box for plastic bags.

It means, that when we need to go to the shop we always bring our packet. My parents do this way and when they asked me to “go for bread” always give me money and a bag. Since this times in my mind formed a clear understanding that plastic bags are not disposable.

In previous times it was made for an idea of saving family budget. If you want to bring you purchases home safe, please be ready to pay some rubles for it. In grocery stores and “markets on the street» you can buy a plastic bag, if you are not prudent and didn’t take the pact with you. In those times it was considered to an overspending, the only thing you need it’s just to put a packet on your bag just in case. But the world is changing and now people not only don’t reuse packages, but also don’t want to save money on buying it. And of course, why should they do it all?

In our busy world people not always can find a time for cooking their lunch, what to say about taking time on thinking about the ecological problems. People live in «today» and have no idea how their «today’s» life affect on their grandchildren. It’s very easy to put all your garbage in other plastic bag and take it to the trash, then the garbage car will arrive and will take all unnecessary to a place where no one can find it.

Today if go to the shop and buy something, salesman automatically packs your goods and it’s for free. Wants for packaging? -No problem, it will be done. People don’t need to save a plastic bag after buying something because they always knew, seller do it again in the next time.
And it’s just a small case with packets, but how many other sorts of plastic everyone uses daily? Almost every thing of a human is made of plastic: appliances, furniture, toys and many other things… When I’m thinking about this, something inside me sounds the alarm. What will be with nature in the future after 50 or 100 years? If humanity will continue to consume and produce such quantity of waste, our planet become a house of garbage in a short time. That simple thought I want to all will understand and stop living like “it’s our last day”.

Another problem that comes after understanding of necessity to change the manner of life, is to find a good alternative to garbage disposal. I know that in Europe and America it’s not a problem. People used to do it a long time ago, and always keep a thought in their heads, that garbage can reuse or recycle. It’s a clear and well-functioning algorithm of actions, which will ultimately lead to a decrease of ecological footprint. But in Russia people are just starting to think in this direction. Containers for separate waste have appeared recently and mostly in a big cities, while residents of small towns continue to pack every fruit and vegetable in a plastic bag and then throw them away when they get home.

This text is not about judging other people’s lifestyles, it is about things that has worried me for a long period of time. Someone will think this is a senseless and useless waste of time, while someone will think about this topic for more than a minute, and maybe even support me. I wish such guys will be as much more as possible and then, our world will begin to change for the best.


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