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Checked by The Regent Ipuk, TPS With A Capacity of 84 Tonnes/Day in Banyuwangi Will Operate in September 2023

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BANYUWANGI – The construction of an Integrated Waste Disposal Site (TPS) based on the Reduce Reuse Recycle (3R) system in Balak Village, Songgon District, has reached 99 percent.

The TPS with a capacity of 84 tons per day is scheduled to be fully operational in September 2023.

“Alhamdulillah, the construction progress has reached 99.9 percent. Insha Allah, it will be operating soon,” Banyuwangi Regent Ipuk Fiestiandani said while visiting the TPS 3R Balak, Monday (28/8).

This TPST is an implementation of the Banyuwangi Hijau program as an effort to control waste, especially plastic, by sorting waste directly from households.

Banyuwangi Hijau itself is a continuation of Project STOP (Stop Ocean Plastics) which has been successfully implemented in Muncar District since 2018 by the NGO PT. Systemiq Lestari Indonesia, funded by the Norwegian government and the Austrian business institution Borealis.

The TPS was built on a 1.5 hectare land in Balak Village, Songgon District, which will reach 33 villages in 6 districts, namely Songgon, Rogojampi, Kabat, Sempu, Genteng and Singojuruh.

It has the capacity to process up to 84 tonnes of waste per day, or is estimated to be able to process the waste generated by 250 thousand people or around 54 thousand households per day.

Ipuk hopes that TPS Balak can be a solution to the waste problem as well as a stimulus for the local people’s economy.

“Hopefully TPS can absorb a lot of workers. So that residents can also benefit from its presence,” Ipuk said.

“However, the most important thing regarding the waste problem is how wise we are to produce waste,” she added.

Acting Head of the Environmental Service Dwi Handayani explained, to support this program, the district government involved the village governments regarding its utilization.

“All the villages involved, started with the consolidation with the residents, and they signed a commitment to run the program. Because this concerns everything the village needs to prepare. Then the village will issue a Village Regulation on Waste Processing and Collection,” Handayani explained.

Banyuwangi Hijau Project Manager Steven Sujoto explained that the TPS 3R Balak construction is targeted to be completed in September 2023.

“All the main buildings have been completed. Currently, we just need to complete the construction of a conveyor connected to the composting area. The target is everything will be completed by the first week of September,” he said.

Even though it is not yet officially operating, Steven added, TPS 3R Balak has been conducting trials since August 7.

There are already at least 400 families in Balak Village who have received waste management services.

“Currently, we only serve Balak Village. The plan is that in early September we will expand to Singolatren Village with a target of 400 families,” Steven said.

“And so on, so that by the end of this year we are targeting to reach 28 villages out of a total of 33 villages that will be served,” he added.

Steven explained that in the operational process of TPS Balak, his party would involve a lot of local residents. It is projected that there will be 275 workers involved in waste sorting at this TPS.

A resident of Balak Village, Nur Aini, said she was happy with this program because her household waste could be transported.

“TPS officers collect the waste 3 times a week. Before, we stockpiled or burnt it. Since there is a TPS, the waste is transported and processed. I prefer this method. Even though there is a monthly fee, the fee is very cheap,” Nur said.


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