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BSKDN Recognises Makassar as One of The Most Innovative Regions of The Year

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JAKARTA – The Domestic Policy Strategy Agency (BSKDN) of the Ministry of Home Affairs recognised Makassar as one of the most innovative regions this year.

It is from the advanced assessment of highly innovative regions based on the regional innovation index measurement platform.

“Not all highly innovative regions will go to the most innovative regions,” Head of BSKDN Yusharto Huntoyungo told The Editor on Friday (3/11).

The assessment, Yusharto explained, is done by selecting 50 per cent of highly innovative regions to be further tested for innovativeness.

The head of chosen regions will then be invited to explain what their innovations are.

“After the presentation, we conducted a visitation to their regions to find out clearly whether the innovations were carried out as described by the leaders,” he explained.

In this case, the Makassar City Government has succeeded in making its region one of the most innovative regions with a policy strategy that transforms narrow alleys between residents’ houses into Lorong Wisata (Tourism Alley).

According to Yusharto, this is the true essence of community empowerment as the community will independently maintain the Lorong Wisata in the area where they live so that it can be utilized for a long time.

Not only does it have the benefit of beautifying the environment, Lorong Wisata can also contribute economic benefits to the community.

“It is not only the government that give the budget to build facilities. But with this activity, the community automatically works together to maintain the results of this development to be utilized as much as possible,” he said.

BSKDN then encourages other regions to emulate Makassar City in terms of creating innovations, both in terms of procedures and types.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Yusharto explained, has innovation data that can be learnt by local governments to develop innovations in their respective regions.


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