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Acting Chairperson of The Sinjai PKK Empowerment Team Expresses Her Pride at The Summit of The 460th Anniversary

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SINJAI – A sense of pride and emotion could not be hidden from the face and eyes of the Acting Chairperson of the Sinjai Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK) Team, Cut Resmiati, when witnessing the summit of Sinjai’s 460th Anniversary commemoration, Tuesday (27/2).

Cut could not hold back her emotion in her first experience witnessing the moment that took place in a family atmosphere.

“It is amazing, I am touched by the diversity, the colors. Hopefully this will be a memorable experience for me. With this activity, I can give my dharma bakti to the Sinjai Regency,” she said with teary eyes.

The wife of the Acting Regent of Sinjai hopes that, at the age of 460, Sinjai Regency can become an advanced and more developed area in the future.

“Alhamdulillah, today the event went smoothly. I hope that at the age of 460, Sinjai Regency will be more advanced and more developed,” she said.


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