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Accelerating Impactful Bureaucratic Reform Through Innovation, Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, Ministry of Home Affairs, and Indonesia’s SAN Launch NPSIN Website

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JAKARTA – The Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform continues to ensure that bureaucratic reform has a direct impact on society, one of which is through public service innovation.

As the key to transformation, innovation is also needed to respond to changes in the strategic environment that tend to be dynamic.

To accelerate this, Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Abdullah Azwar Anas, together with the Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian and the Head of the State Administration Agency (SAN) represented by Deputy for Studies and Innovation in State Civil Apparatus Management Agus Sudrajat, launched the National Public Service Innovation Network (NPSIN) website.

“NPSIN is present as a knowledge management system and also becomes a database of national public service innovations,” he said at the Joint Inauguration of the Public Service Mall, Launching of NPSIN, and Awarding of Public Services in 2023 in Jakarta, Tuesday (21/11).

One to note, NPSIN is a portal that provides integrated data of public service information innovation.

The NPSIN website will feature 2,928 innovation data from the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform’s Public Service Innovation Competition (PSIC), the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Innovative Government Award (IGA), and LAN’s Innovation Laboratory (InoLAN).

It is hoped that NPSIN will become a national reference regarding best practices for national public service innovation.

Regarding PSIC, this year’s implementation went smoothly.

There are 3,110 innovation proposals registered in the Public Service Innovation Information System (Sinovik).

The series of assessments in PSIC 2023 produced the Top Praiseworthy Public Service Innovations consisting of the Top 45 General Group Innovations and 5 winners of Outstanding Achievement of Public Service Innovation.

As a builder of public services, the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform continues to encourage government agencies to produce innovations every year through the One Agency, One Innovation movement. 

However, Minister Anas emphasized that this does not mean that one innovation will produce one application.

“Every innovation or new function can be integrated and interoperable into existing applications,” said Anas.

On that occasion, Minister Anas presented awards to the Top Praiseworthy Innovations.

He expressed his appreciation for government agencies which have made efforts to provide the best service to the community.

“Highest appreciation to the Ministers, Heads of Institutions, and Regional Heads who have shown real commitment and consistency in realizing the best public services that are being utilized by citizens,” concluded Anas.

List of Top Praiseworthy Public Service Innovations in 2023

Top 45 Public Service Innovations in 2023

Cluster of Ministries

  1. The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises – Pasar Digital Usaha Mikro Kecil dan Menengah (PaDi UMKM) or Digital Market for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, from the State-Owned Enterprises to Indonesian MSMEs
  2. The Ministry of Finance – CEISA Consigned Goods (Consignment Note): Ease of Importing Goods Consigned by Indonesian Migrant Workers quickly, humanely and accountably
  3. The Ministry of Finance – Sistem Informasi Mineral dan Batubara Antar-Kementerian/Lembaga (SIMBARA) or Inter-Ministerial/Agency Mineral and Coal Information System
  4. The Ministry of Agriculture – Biochar Three in One (BIOTRON)

Cluster of Institutions

  1. Financial and Development Supervisory Agency – Building Village Financial Accountability with the Siskeudes (Sistem Keuangan Desa or Village Financial System) Application
  2. The National Research and Innovation Agency – Palm Batik Night
  3. The Indonesian National Police – Polisi Hebat Semarang (LIBAS) or Se arang Greta Police

Cluster of Provincial Governments

  1. Bali Provincial Government – CGO (Credit Guarantee Officer)
  2. East Java Provincial Government – Layanan Perempuan dan Anak Korban Kekerasan (LAPOR PAK) or Services for Women and Children Victims of Violence TANGKAS TUNTAS
  3. West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Government – Revitalization of BLK through Integrated Plus Workforce Training and Empowerment or Pelatihan dan Pemberdayaan Tenaga Kerja Terpadu Plus (PePADu Plus)

Cluster of District Governments

  1. Balangan Regency Government – PuLPenDaCil (Perluasan Layanan Pendidikan di Daerah Terpencil or Expansion of Education Services in Remote Areas)
  2. Banggai Regency Government – Pregnant Mother Ringing Ambulance
  3. Banggai Laut Regency Government – Greetings of The Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration (DUKCAPIL MENYAPA)
  4. Bangka Regency Government – Marine Reclamation
  5. Banyuwangi Regency Government – Layanan Inklusif Peserta Didik Berkebutuhan Khusus Dengan Pendekatan Hati (LEBUR SEKETI) or Inclusive Services for Students with Special Needs with a Heart Approach
  6. North Bengkulu Regency Government – Gerakan Terpadu Penanggulangan Kemiskinan (Gardu Penangkis) Integrated Poverty Alleviation Movement
  7. Bintan Regency Government – Modern Cracker Village
  8. Blitar Regency Government – Wlingi Emergency Medical Services (WINGS)
  9. Deli Serdang Regency Government – Demi Sepeda Bagus: A model of education services for children with special needs through PKBM, social inclusion, family education, stakeholder collaboration, and differentiated learning
  10. Gorontalo Regency Government – Sistem Informasi Pelayanan Terintegrasi Identitas Masyarakat (Si Prima) or Community Identity Integrated Service Information System
  11. Jombang Regency Government – Wonosalam Permata Hati Ecotourism (Participation Based Spring and Forest Protection)
  12. Kebumen Regency Government – Makanan Instan cEgah KERdIl dan stunTING (MIE KERITING) or instant food prevents stunting and stunting
  13. Klungkung Regency Government – Pondok Kompos Osaki Klungkung (POKOK) or Osaki Klungkung Compost Hut
  14. Kutai Kartanegara Regency Government – Kawasan Masyarakat Pertanian Unggulan Rakyat Sejahtera Mandiri Pangan (Kampung Raja Mapan) or People’s Prosperous Food Independent Agricultural Community Area
  15. Malang Regency Government – Kampung Tematik Wonosari Berseri (PUTIKSARI) or The Radiant Wonosari Thematic Village
  16. Pamekasan Regency Government – Strategi Pengembangan Sapi Madura Bibit Secara Simultan (SANG SULTAN) or Simultaneous Madurese Cattle Development Strategy
  17. Pinrang Regency Government – Skilled Breeder (SIBER)
  18. Sambas Regency Government – Internet Pedesaan Akomodatif (INSANAK) or Accommodative Internet in Rural Area
  19. Soppeng Regency Government – Sistem Perlindungan Petani Soppeng Maju dan Sejahtera (SUTASOMA) or Advanced and Prosperous Soppeng Farmer Protection System
  20. Sukoharjo Regency Government – Semangat Bangun Desa Melalui Program Kampung Iklim (SEMBADA PROKLIM) or The Spirit of Building Villages Through the Climate Village Program
  21. West Sumbawa Regency Government – Mutual Cooperation Towards Completing the Five Pillars of a Community-Based Total Sanitation Program
  22. Sumedang Regency Government – Sumedang’s stunting rate fell 20 percent in 3 years with the SIMPATI application
  23. Sumenep Regency Government – Sistem Keamanan Pelayaran (SiKaPal) or Cruising Security System
  24. Wonosobo Regency Government – Processing Fresh Cabbage, Maximizing The Potential

Cluster of City Governments

  1. Batu City Government – Alih Media Arsip Tanah (ADIARTA) or Land Archives Media Transfer
  2. Denpasar City Government – Radio Inklusi Menuju Kota Denpasar Maju dan Jaya (RADITYA) or Inclusion Radio Towards a Progressive and Successful Denpasar City
  3. Kediri City Government – English Massive Lintas Masyarakat Gratis Maksimal (EMAS LIMA GRAM) Maximum, free, and massive use of English Across Communities
  4. Malang City Government – Belajar Menarik Bersama Siswa Istimewa (JARIK MA’SITI) or Interesting Learning with Special Students
  5. Mojokerto City Government – CegAh stuNTING, Gerak UngguL pemberdAyaan Masyarakat kOta moJOkerto (CANTING GULA MOJO) or Prevent Stunting, Superior Movement for Community Empowerment in Mojokerto City
  6. Padang Panjang City Government – PDAM Smart Water Management System (SWMS)
  7. Semarang City Government – PANGERAN DIPONEGORO (The achievement of the Semarang City UHC Program is 100% supported by cross-program and cross-sector roles in mutual cooperation)
  8. Surabaya City Government – Sistem lAYanan dan pendAmpiNGan WARGa surabayA (SAYANG WARGA) or Service system and assistance to citizens of Surabaya
  9. Tarakan City Government – Si Dokter Serasi
  10. Yogyakarta City Government – Jogja Smart Service (JSS)

Cluster of State-Owned Enterprises

  1. PT Taspen (Persero) – TOOS (Taspen One Hour Online Service)

Outstanding Achievement of Public Service Innovation (OAPSI) Tahun 2023

  1. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry – Through PROPER, Increase The Compliance, Stimulate Efficiency, Encourage Industrial Innovation, and Empower Communities for Sustainable Development
  2. DKI Jakarta Provincial Government – Cegah Kanker Serviks dengan Mobil Deteksi Kanker HIBISCUS dan Motor BUNGA INDAH (CEK DAN SADARI) or Prevent Cervical Cancer with HIBISCUS Cancer Detection Cars and BUNGA INDAH Motorbikes
  3. North Kalimantan Provincial Government – Program Layanan Dokter Terbang Kalimantan Utara (PROLANTERAKU) or North Kalimantan Flying Doctor Service Program
  4. Bantul Regency Government – Gelimasjiwo menuju Sistem Manajemen Terpadu Kesehatan Jiwa Jaga Masyarakat (SIMANTAP SEJAGAT) or Gelimasjiwo towards an Integrated Management System for Mental Health to Protect the Community
  5. Grobogan Regency Government – Rumah Kedelai Grobogan (RKG) or Grobogan Soybean House

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