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A Comedy Play Successfully Entertains Makassar F8 Visitors

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MAKASSAR – A comedy skit managed to entertain the visitors of the 2022 Makassar International Eight Festival and Forum (Makassar F8), even making them laugh out loud.

The show that combined the art of comedy drama and traditional music was located on the Folk stage zone 1 Makassar F8, Sunday (11/9).

The performance of Raja, Rohaya the farmer’s daughter, Daeng Kulle the farmer, Ulo and Lemo as the king’s bodyguards was presented by Chiko Production Arts Studio.

One of the visitors of Makassar F8, Fitri, admitted that she was very entertained by the performance that told of the greed of the King and the ingenuity of the farmer’s daughter.

She also claimed that it was her first time to watch the performances of indigenous Makassar arts that were packaged in a comedy presentation live.

“It’s funny to laugh, it turns out that our traditional culture can be turned into a comedy. Not only in Java, as seen on television,” said this resident of BTP, Tamalanrea District.

Thus, it is safe to say that Makassar F8 not only entertains visitors, but also introduces the rich culture of Makassar and its surroundings.

After the play, the Zone 1 Folk stage was filled with the Ammang Ciang Dance. This traditional dance creation depicts everything about exhilaration.


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